Kan Nutrition

About the app

Know About Nutrition (KAN) is a company specialising in the creation and delivery of nutrition education and wellness evaluation tools. The iKAN app is based on the KAN principles, researched and developed over many years by nutrition therapist, and founder of KAN, Maria O’Brien

How We Began

As well as being a registered nurse with over 25 years’ experience dealing with illness and disease, Maria O Brien has accredited qualifications in Natural Nutrition, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. In recent years she refocused her knowledge and experience so that, instead of working at the frontline in hospitals, she could empower people to create health and wellbeing through optimum nutrition – thus reducing risk of disease in the first place.

Maria has delivered nutrition talks and workshops for both adults and children and is the author of two books about natural nutrition – one for adults and one for young children.


Via email: info@kan.ie